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Our team specializes in turning Big Data into concise, clear and easily accessible information. Our Twitradar system has been used during presidential campaigns, sales campaigns, tech events, guerrila marketing and promotional initiatives.


Our Subscription Plans

Twitradar offers plans in different scales, to scan the microblogging universe according to your business needs. A highly customizable system tracks every aspect of your company’s subjects of interest.


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Your event with a real-time twitter stream

Make your presentations, corporate events and public speakings special with real-time interaction of your audience. TWITRADAR LIVE displays a projection with a live twitter stream of the hashtag of your choice for the event. So you can offer your audience a real opportunity of interaction.

Each TWITRADAR LIVE application is personalized according to the event’s theme and its sponsors.
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TwitRadar 2.0 is a new venture from